‘Lucifer’ Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: “Expire Erect”

Lucifer Season 4 Episode 5
Lauren German and Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ season 4 episode 5 (Photo by John P. Fleenor/Netflix)

Netflix’s Lucifer season four episode five opens to a trippy flash-forward in which Luci (Tom Ellis) bleeds into his drink, Eve and Ella make out, and Chloe stares at a deli sandwich while repeating, “This is the answer.” If only Chloe looked at Luci with as much awe as she does this meaty meal!

Flashback to 36 hours prior and a shirtless Luci’s interrupted on the keyboard by Eve (Inbar Lavi). She reveals she’s wearing “a me costume” – a bikini that looks straight out of the Garden of Eden. Luci’s impressed/aroused but somehow manages to continue playing the piano. He only comes to a jarring halt when Eve calls herself his boyfriend.

Luci’s flummoxed by Eve dropping the boyfriend bomb and races over to Dr. Linda’s. He admits he’s so off his game that he was only able to have sex twice after Eve used the “b” word, and he’s normally a 10 times a day guy. “Big Ben strikes 10, as they say,” explains Luci.

Linda (Rachael Harris) wonders if this is a serious relationship, but Luci waves that off. Although Eve’s amazing and really knows him, she doesn’t seem to understand he’s not the relationship type of Devil. Linda points out he was willing to commit to Chloe and Luci reminds her how badly that turned out. Linda suggests maybe what Luci really needs is to get closure with Chloe so he can move on.

Meanwhile, Chloe (Lauren German) carrying on with work in her normal mood. Ella (Aimee Garcia) and the team are working a crime scene where a collector of vintage cars has been found dead steps from his Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. The victim, Derek, wasn’t robbed and the cause of death was drowning by garden hose.

Ella asks about Luci and Chloe reveals she saw him with a woman and didn’t interrupt. Ella thinks Luci’s just getting things out of his system.

Chloe interrogates two witnesses and learns they heard someone asking about the price of Derek’s car. Dan informs Chloe that Derek was just the highest bidder on another car and apparently the guy he outbid sent him multiple messages threatening to kill him.

Derek was going to pick up his new car during the Malibu Motor Enthusiasts event that afternoon. Car geek (actually, all-around geek queen) Ella knows all about the MME. It’s so exclusive she can’t get in and they’re leery of the cops. They need someone with a vintage car to gain entry. Chloe quickly volunteers to ask Luci for help.

Back at Luci’s, Eve’s ready to really move in – as in buy some toiletries and stake out her space. She’s also ready for some more time in bed with the sexy Devil.

Luci pulls down his pants and imitates Big Ben by saying, “Dong!” just as Chloe walks in. She (and the viewers) are treated to a butt shot before Luci hastily pulls up his pants. Luci’s about to turn her down but when she uses the word closure, he decides it’s exactly what he needs.

“I think that closing this case might be just what the doctor ordered,” explains Luci, for once following Linda’s actual advice.

Luci explains to his almost-former partner that this is the last case they’ll work together. He needs closure and when the case is solved, he’s done with police work.

They make it to the MME and Luci feels listening to Chloe drone on about the case is very nostalgic. They find the car Derek won and its new owner. Luci announces the guy posing with the car is wanted for murder, so of course the dude takes off running. Luci doesn’t waste any energy pursuing their suspect and instead launches a tire across the room and knocks him out.

When the guy comes to, he swears he didn’t kill Derek. Luci uses his Jedi mind trick to get the guy to admit he only wants to tell the truth so he doesn’t go to jail. He’s guilty of making kit cars and thought they were there to arrest him for that. He sold Derek fake cars and his “death” threats were actually threats to ruin Derek’s reputation…not take his life. He suggests they check out a tattooed guy Derek’s been hanging out with. He doesn’t know his name but can describe the guy’s car.

Lucifer Season 4
D.B. Woodside and Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ season 4 (Photo by John P. Fleenor/Netflix)

Meanwhile, Amenadiel (DB Woodside) shows up at Luci’s and is shocked to find Eve there. They discuss their motivations for leaving the Silver City. She doesn’t want to go back and admits she’s having the time of her life with Luci. If it means she ends up in Hell, she’s fine with that as long as she’s with Lucifer.

Speaking of the Devil, he’s at the station telling his favorite officers he’ll soon be leaving them. He thanks one for putting a siren in his car and another for letting him check out the cocaine seizures. He hired a Carl’s Jr truck and is offering them all free burgers.

Chloe and Ella watch as Luci delivers his farewell speech, and Chloe admits she doesn’t really think he’s going to quit assisting the LAPD. She thinks it’s just a faze and Ella throws some support Chloe’s way by adding Luci will likely burn out on his new ladies. Chloe corrects her, saying Luci’s only into one woman right now. She’s sure Eve doesn’t know Luci like she does.

Lucifer returns, burger in hand, and they go over the list of possible suspects narrowed down based on their cars. Sid Kluge looks like a likely suspect, so they head out as Maze arrives with another fugitive she rounded up. Dan’s impressed because this guy’s one of the most feared fugitives on the streets. Maze invites Dan to come along and help grab his brother, but Dan’s back in by-the-book mode and doesn’t take her up on the offer for some rough stuff.

Chloe and Luci arrive at Sid’s place and he continues with his “this is my last case…closure…the doctor’s right…” spiel. They spot the car and then find its owner’s dead body not far away. It appears this particular case will keep Luci busy a while longer.

Back at the station, Luci admits he forgot how much fun it is to watch Chloe put the clues together. Ella barges in and declares she’s solved the case. It turns out one of the witnesses at Derek’s murder scene, Marco Franklin, served with Derek and he’s a felon who was just released from prison. It’s possible Derek and Sid were his partners in a bank robbery and he killed them because they double-crossed him.

Chloe and Luci try to stall the end of the case; neither one seems ready to break up the team. They agree this doesn’t feel like closure and attempt to come up with holes in Ella’s case. They can’t find any…she’s covered all the bases.

After Ella leaves to get her party clothes on, Chloe tries to get Luci to stick around. However, a very somber Lucifer believes it’s time for him to get out of police work. “I just want to say great last case. Great partnership,” says Luci while shaking Chloe’s hand.

Chloe looks disappointed as she watches him walk away.

Ella shows up at Lux to get her freak on and comes face-to-face with Eve. She’s about to tell her off when Eve seems stunned to learn she’s talking to the Ella Lopez that Luci always raves about. Eve grabs her in a big hug and says she’s prettier in real life.

They compliment each other’s dance moves and become instant BFFs. Eve offers Ella some Molly and she takes it, definitely ready for some serious partying.

Mood-killer Amenadiel’s up in Luci’s place when the Devil returns home. He’s pissed his bro didn’t warn him Eve’s not only left Heaven but is shacked up at Lux. Amenadiel reminds him of the dangers of having Eve around, and Luci confesses Eve’s no longer corruptible; she’s up for anything and everything now.

But wait…Amenadiel’s not worried about Eve. He’s worried about his brother reverting to his old ways. Luci admits he’s not even sure he wants to be with Eve or what he wants from this time on Earth at this point.

Luci heads down to the club and spots Chloe hanging out. She tells him Marco was gone by the time Dan got there to pick him up, and Luci believes that’s why he doesn’t feel any real closure. (Luci, the master at bending truths to fit his needs.)

Lucifer leaves to grab his jacket and Ella, totally high, is ecstatic to see Chloe at Lux. She grabs her in a bear hug and then rubs her head up and down on Chloe’s jacket. Grabbing Eve, Ella introduces Luci’s new roommate, happily announcing Eve gave her drugs.

Ella hops off to grab orange juice, leaving Chloe and Eve to small talk. Chloe finally realizes Eve is Eve and that she and Lucifer were together in the past. Luci returns and Eve, who’s now rivaling Ella in the biggest hugger category, embraces her boyfriend.

Chloe’s awkward conversation with the Devil and Eve is broken up by the arrival of Marco. People scatter or take cover in the packed club as Marco waves his gun. Luci tries to talk to him but Marco’s quick on the trigger and shoots Lucifer – who’s vulnerable because Chloe’s nearby – in the gut.

Eve and Chloe help Lucifer as Marco announces he’s planted a bomb in the building. He demands Chloe put her phone and gun on the ground as she pleads for an ambulance for Luci. He sends another patron off to collect everyone’s phones as Chloe tells Eve to stay with Lucifer.

Chloe advises Marco he’s not helping his situation by hurting innocent people. Marco confesses he’s doing this because his wife changed her name while he was in jail and he can’t find her. Marco demands Chloe figure out his wife’s new name so he can apologize to her.

Luci’s in a lot of pain and Chloe apologizes for bringing him into this case. “It’s not your fault. I needed closure. I just didn’t expect it to be quite so closed,” says Luci, coughing and bleeding.

It’s all up to Chloe now and Eve reassures her she can figure it out. Luci’s told Eve Chloe’s the smartest person he knows. Chloe springs into action and begins giving orders. Eve’s to stay with Lucifer and Ella, although super drunk/high and giggly, will defuse the bomb once Chloe figures out where it’s hidden.

Chloe asks Luci how to sober up Ella and he suggests more drugs – cocaine, to be exact. Chloe reluctantly agrees.

Eve worries about Luci and has a heart-to-heart with Chloe. Eve doesn’t want to lose Lucifer and she confirms she’s not scared of his Devil face. Luci’s the only person who ever asked if she wanted to be someone’s wife.

Ella bombards Luci with the explanation of how to defuse a bomb at a pace that would make an auctioneer green with envy. Luci’s happy to know the coke has kicked in, although speed-talker Ella claims not to feel any different.

Ella tells Luci to stay positive, and Luci admits Chloe will never accept him for who he is. He still wants closure but is no longer sure what that means.

Chloe figures out Marco hid the bomb upstairs.

Marco’s sandwich arrives and it’s not what he ordered. A pissed off Marco hands the sandwich to Chloe, yelling about her people not being able to handle a simple food order.

Ella and Chloe realize Dan wouldn’t have made a mistake like that, so he must have messed up the order on purpose. Ella begins panicking about defusing a bomb she’s never seen before and the scene finally catches up with the flash-forward from the episode’s beginning.

Eve kisses Ella to calm her down. Luci’s injury causes him to choke up blood into his drink, yet he still manages to get turned on by the kiss. “Ladies, it’s a comfort to know I’ll expire erect,” says Luci, uttering the episode’s title. Chloe stares at the sandwich and realizes it’s a clue as to where the SWAT team will make their entry. A Southwestern sandwich means they’ll breach from the southwest.

Dan and Maze bring Marco’s wife to the club and she volunteers to go inside and talk him out of setting off the bomb. Her arrival is enough of a distraction for Ella and Eve to get to the bomb.

It turns out Marco’s wife is actually the villain in this scenario. She hugs her husband and stabs him in the stomach. She now has the gun and detonator. Luci taunts Marco since they both have stomach wounds. Chloe and Marco’s wife discuss her involvement and she was actually the mastermind of the robbery in the first place. She’s going to blow Lux up and blame it on Marco.

As they talk, Chloe backs the wife toward the southwest corner. SWAT breaches the building but Marco’s wife is still able to grab the detonator.

Chloe throws herself on Luci, shielding his body as the woman presses the button. Nothing happens. With Eve as moral support, Ella was able to defuse the bomb.

Luci can’t believe Chloe was willing to sacrifice herself to save him.

Shortly thereafter Luci’s being prepared for his trip to the hospital with Eve at his side. Eve excuses herself to allow Chloe and Luci to talk. Chloe’s chocked up as she says she understands how he feels about this being his last case. Luci admits he also understands Chloe, and asks her not to bring a trigger-happy murderer to one of his parties for their next case.

Shocked, Chloe’s happy to have her partner back.

Ella, still out of it, tells Dan she’s figured out she has to count on herself because God doesn’t exist.

Later, Amenadiel visits Chloe after she reaches out to him. It’s their first time talking since she learned he’s an angel and she needs to know if Eve is “okay.” She hopes she’s not evil or a threat to the world, and Amenadiel assures her she’s not. Chloe admits she likes her and believes Eve genuinely cares for Luci. “I think she might be exactly what he needs,” says Chloe.

Amenadiel tells Chloe her dad is proud of her and it takes a moment for Chloe to realize Amenadiel actually knows that for a fact.

Eve claims to be really happy Luci’s heading back to work. Luci points out a supply of handcuffs is one good thing about having a boyfriend who works for the LAPD. Eve ignores the handcuffs comment and latches onto “boyfriend.” Luci wants to make it official but accidentally cuts himself before they can toast.

Eve wonders why he’s bleeding and Luci doesn’t explain other than to say he’s vulnerable only when Chloe’s around. As he leaves the room, Eve seems to understand the significance of that revelation.

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